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With 15 years old experience in chiptuning, we are proud to offer you differents stages availables : Tuning files stage 1/2/3, Speed limit off, EGR, DPF, DTC, LAMBDA OFF, T-P OFF, FLAP, ADBLUE, DSG, Twin ecu…and more


Modification of your files “WinOLS files” Our engine managements are in most cases modified to the extent of their tolerances, we can act on the torque / power to better meet the expectations in terms of “PERFORMANCE AND ECONOMY“. Our


Development and modification of your ecu files Turbo pressure, torque limiter, variable geometry, O2 Sensor, pedal advance, MAF Value, kickdown, patch according to the temperature, injection timing, RPM, wastegate …


What’s news

Kess 2.37

Just a few weeks after the last update, we’re introducing you a very important new one: as of today, only with Alientech K-TAG, you

KESS V2.35

Just a couple of days ago, we released an update dedicated to K-TAG. Today we are introducing you a new one dedicated to KESSv2,

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